Internationally Trained Lawyer (ITL) articling program

Purpose of program

Toronto has seen a significant increase in the number of new Canadians arriving in our city who have trained and practised law in other countries and are now trying to become licensed in Canada. There are many challenges facing this group of lawyers, including navigating the qualification programs and exams and in many cases obtaining articling positions.

Dentons Canada LLP (Dentons) is committed to assisting qualified Internationally Trained Lawyers (ITLs) in becoming licensed to practise law in Ontario by ensuring that our articling program specifically includes one ITL.

How the program works

Dentons will offer an articling position to an applicant who has completed their National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) process. The successful candidate will spend their articling term at Dentons under the supervision of a senior lawyer (Articling Principal).


Unfortunately, we will not be participating in the ITL Articling Program for 2018-2019.