Apprenticeship Programme application process

To apply, first, complete our online application which we will review. If you’re successful at this point you’ll be invited to take an online critical thinking exercise, which assesses your ability to digest and understand situations and information.

If you do well here, you will be invited to complete a video interview. This is your opportunity to really bring your application to life in a quick and easy recorded interview that you can complete in your own home.

If we like what we see in your video interview, we will invite you to attend our two-day Insight and Assessment programme in February.

The closing date for applications is 6 January 2017.

Insight day

We think it’s important for you to see what Dentons is all about. Our Insight day will give you the opportunity to meet with our people, asks lots of questions and work shadow a paralegal and a trainee.

Assessment day

Our Assessment day, which will take place the day after the Insight day will consist of three components:

  1. Work simulation exercise and interview

You will be asked to analyse information, reach conclusions and generate ideas. You will need to present your findings to two interviewers (a recruitment manager and a lawyer) and answer their questions. You will then be asked some general competency based questions.

  1. Written exercise

This will be a short essay question completed on a laptop. This exercise will assess your grammar and spelling, as well as how you use logic to structure a good argument.

  1. Verbal reasoning exercise

You will be asked to read passages of information and answer multiple choice questions. This exercise will assess your cognitive skills and how easily you can understand and interpret data.

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