Summer associate testimonials

What’s it like to summer at Dentons?

“Innovation is key to the success of any company. Law might think it is immune to tech trends and the like, but the best firms and lawyers know that in order to remain competitive and to produce the best results possible for their clients, they must adapt and innovate. Dentons is leading the charge in innovation, and that is one of the many reason I chose to spend my summer at Dentons.

The Discover Dentons program was a reminder that the world is a big place and that opportunity and innovation is happening beyond the borders of the United States. It was a pleasure to learn about our international colleagues’ practices and journeys into the profession. Discover Dentons also provided an excellent networking opportunity. I had the privilege of meeting trainees and attorneys in the London, Paris, and Amsterdam offices. Being able to experience three cities at the conclusion of my summer was indeed the cherry on top of an already marvelous cake.”

Julius Carter
Chicago Summer Program
University of Chicago School of Law
JD candidate, 2018

“My summer associate experience at Dentons was invaluable, as I was able to gain exposure to a large variety of work in my area of interest, and it was a welcomed glimpse into what I would be doing as an associate at the firm. I enjoyed getting to know a lot of attorneys in all different practice areas throughout the summer, through both work projects and social events. It was also energizing to be treated as a valuable member of the firm with a responsibility to do great work just like any other associate.

I chose Dentons because I appreciated the collegial culture of the firm. The polycentric nature breeds a collaborative work environment where colleagues from around the world can work and build relationships together. This international legal community came to life during the Discover Dentons program, as I was able to build connections with the lawyers in the Dubai office and learn about their practice at a deeper level. The Discover Dentons program was a fantastic way for summers to experience just how vast and interconnected the Dentons network is.”

Adam Dondoyano
Atlanta Summer Program
University of California, Los Angeles Law School
JD Candidate, 2018

“After completing two summer associate experiences with Dentons, I can confirm that Dentons is a great firm that is dedicated to helping its associates go beyond their potential. During my first summer with the firm, I was amazed by how much I learned so quickly and by the amount of feedback and encouragement I received from everyone in the Denver office. This inspired me to return to Dentons this past summer, and my critical thinking and reasoning skills improved even more under the tutelage of excellent partners and associates.

The Discover Dentons program was an additional highlight to an amazing summer experience. By meeting and speaking with the trainees in the London office, I observed that Dentons’ dedication to new and rising attorneys continued across the Atlantic and that made me extremely excited.”

DeAnna Hamilton
Denver Summer Program
University of Denver College of Law 2018

“I had a fantastic summer experience at Dentons in New York. As a summer associate, I had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of practice groups including Capital Markets, Corporate, Venture Technology, and Litigation. Most importantly, I got to meet a group of hardworking and dedicated attorneys who helped guide me through my assignments and provided meaningful mentorship during my time at the firm.

The highlight of my summer was travelling to London for a week. As far as I know, no other firm provides the opportunity to travel like Dentons does. It was an incredible experience to witness the vastness of the firm’s global presence in person, while at the same time, explore a different country for a week.”

Edward Michel
New York Summer Program
Emory University School of Law
JD Candidate, 2018