Summer associate testimonials

What’s it like to summer at Dentons?

My summer at Dentons was amazing. Everyone was very approachable and easy to get along with, and the recruitment team made a very successful effort to connect us with other summer associates and attorneys at the firm. I got to know many of my fellow summers on a personal level and became very close to my mentor, who checked in on me every week. Also, the partners were extremely helpful in introducing me to the firm and providing me with valuable insight. I was so surprised that several of the partners put aside plenty of time to simply get to know me and followed up with me without me having to always reach out.

What I loved the most about my experience was how much the firm showed that it was committed to creating a comfortable, diverse environment. I am so proud of this firm and its commitment not only to its clients, but also to its employee satisfaction!

Vanessa Madrigal
Chicago Summer Program
Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
JD Candidate, 2021

During my virtual summer at Dentons, I made meaningful connections with fellow Summer Associates and attorneys as well as gained valuable advice and insight. The virtual Scavenger Hunt activity that the recruiting staff organized was a creative and fun way to bond with peers and learn about Dentons. My teammates and I explored firm resources, familiarized ourselves with new technology, and spoke with numerous colleagues. I enjoyed weekly team Zoom meetings to discuss our strategy and share a laugh at some of the sillier challenges. Also, the summer program highlighted Dentons’ dedication to seamless connectivity between national and international offices. For instance, I was excited to learn about Dentons workflow portal that allows associates to seek out projects from any of Dentons’ offices.

I appreciated numerous attorneys reaching out to me to share candid advice and put me in touch with their peers at Dentons. I had the invaluable opportunity to speak one-on-one with the head of the Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice group who was happy to answer my range of questions. It was encouraging to see how eager partners and associates were to discuss their practice and build personal relationships. The willingness of Dentons attorneys to go out on a limb to make me feel comfortable during the first-ever online summer assured me that Dentons is an ideal place to begin my legal career.

Alyssa Landow
New York Summer Program
Emory University School of Law
JD Candidate, 2021

Every aspect of my summer at Dentons was exceptional, but the people I met and the support they offered me were the most impressive parts of my experience. From the beginning of the recruiting process though the duration of the summer program, members of the Dentons community went above and beyond to help me understand the firm, acclimate to my assigned practice group, develop as a professional, and socialize with my future colleagues. They were never too busy to answer a question, explain a concept, or discuss my concerns. In other words, while the program as a whole was excellent, the people made it exceptional. 

Dentons also gave me the opportunity to participate in meaningful work and discussions despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The firm’s agility in unprecedented times instilled confidence in its adaptability and commitment to its promises. The creative programming offered to Summer Associates was meaningful, substantive, and carefully planned. My practice group also made me feel welcomed and connected by including me in meetings, engaging with me on regular mentor calls, and taking the time to get to know me as a person. Additionally, Summer Associates worked on fulfilling pro bono work that showcased Dentons’ commitment to service, as well as to bettering the global communities to which it belongs. I highly recommend Dentons and look forward to starting my legal career with the firm. 

Nicole Bieganski
Chicago Summer Program
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
JD Candidate, 2021

As I began my summer associate program at Dentons, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I imagine most summer associates experience a feeling of uncertainty; however, mine was particularly strong as a result COVID-19 and the transition to an entirely virtual summer program. Nevertheless, the recruiting department at Dentons created a very valuable experience.

Each of the summer associates performed research and wrote a memorandum for a pro bono project. This provided a great opportunity for the summer associates to familiarize ourselves with office resources, learn about the pro bono department, and perform meaningful work. 
Throughout the program, there were many opportunities to meet with attorneys throughout the firm. Everyone that I met was very friendly and more than willing to share experiences, offer advice, and answer questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the summer associate program at Dentons and cannot wait to begin my career with all of the fantastic people that I met over the summer!

Rachel Schwein
Denver Summer Program
Washburn University School of Law
JD Candidate, 2021