Summer associate testimonials

What’s it like to summer at Dentons?

My summer at Dentons was full of incredible opportunities and challenging assignments. I did real work and made substantive contributions to real cases. Dentons attorneys gave me the opportunity to take ownership of all of my assignments; and they were extremely attentive and offered guidance whenever I needed it.

Dentons attorneys gave me observational opportunities that allowed me to watch them handling cases outside of the office. I attended court with multiple attorneys, and was even invited to a client dinner to celebrate the closing of a case. All of these opportunities were intimidating at first; however, the support of the attorneys gave me the confidence to fully engage with each of my new surroundings. By the end of the summer, I felt at ease anytime I was confronted with a new experience or assignment. I look forward to continuing my work at Dentons and learning from their community of dedicated attorneys and staff.

Chanell Botshekan
Los Angeles Summer Program
University of Southern California, Gould School of Law
JD Candidate, 2021

During my summer at Dentons, I wasn’t just exposed to an exhilarating yet supportive legal culture; I was truly invited to participate. From the start, complex legal questions were mine to grapple with. And these projects were not mere training exercises. With only three summer associates throughout the office, assignments never felt formulaic. Instead, real work needed doing and we were trusted to step up and pitch in.

My delegations—spanning many subject areas—included drafting cease and desist letters, settlement demands, and correspondence to clients. On the couple occasions my responsibilities felt a bit daunting, an experienced and enthusiastic helping hand was never more than a phone call or office visit away. And when I was able to add value to a project, I was rewarded with tasks that were more interesting and rewarding.

Adam Wallstein
Chicago Summer Program
University of Michigan Law School
JD Candidate, 2020

During my summer at Dentons, I gained invaluable experience in my practice area of interest and left feeling confident and accomplished. It was clear from my first day that Dentons was invested in my professional success and that I was a valued and trusted member of the team. Throughout the summer, I was able to work closely with experienced attorneys on varied and meaningful projects and felt I was assigned work that was indicative of that of a first-year associate. Dentons has an environment that enables professional growth and ownership over your work as an attorney from an early stage. In particular, I valued the opportunity to take lead on a pro bono case and develop and maintain a rewarding client relationship over the summer.

I received meaningful mentorship not only from the attorneys that I worked with, but throughout the firm. Each and every attorney that I met was supportive, and I felt welcomed by the collegial culture of the firm both in the office and at social outings. I highly recommend Dentons if you are looking for a substantive and rewarding summer experience, where you will be given the opportunity to develop and hone your skills as a law student and young attorney in an extremely supportive environment.

Erin O’Sullivan
New York Summer Program
Georgetown University Law Center
JD Candidate, 2020

Dentons values quality and it is a great place to learn, with a focus on improving the quality work rather than simply rushing to get the work done. Rather than simply handing complex assignments over to more experienced associates, Dentons attorneys gave me guidance and all the help I needed to complete my assignments.

Dentons is also an amazing place to work. Time and time again in my conversations with Dentons associates, I heard about how great it is to work here. After working here for two summers, I can say it myself: there is no other place I’d like to work. I have had the unique opportunity to work with Associates and Patent Agents in several Dentons offices and received so much valuable feedback and help no matter where I was. I chose to return to Dentons after graduation because there is no better place to start my legal career.

Seth Guthrie
Denver/IP&T Summer Program
George Washington University Law School
JD Candidate, 2020