Why Dentons?

Few global law firms are different. We are.

If you are looking to start your career at a firm that understands how the legal profession is rapidly changing and is doing something about it, Dentons is your destination. With top-tier legal talent and experience in 24 sectors and 40 practices, Dentons’ global team builds agile, tailored solutions to meet the local, national and global needs of private and public clients of any size.

What makes Dentons different?

  • We’re polycentric. Dentons has no single headquarters and no dominant national culture. Diverse in terms of geography, language and nationalities, we proudly offer clients talent from diverse backgrounds and countries with deep experience in every legal tradition in the world.
  • We offer business solutions. Rather than offering theoretical legal analysis, we provide the specific advice required to get a deal done, resolve a dispute or solve a business challenge.
  • We measure our success by the service we provide. Regardless of the scale and scope, clients receive individual attention they need and deserve.

From Nextlaw Labs to the Nextlaw Global referral network, Dentons is challenging the legal profession’s status quo and is committed to understanding our clients and their businesses to deliver practical solutions in an increasingly complex world.

Join us and start your career with the world’s largest law firm.