Our 10-week clerkship program is designed to teach and test the skills you will need to become the best lawyer you can be. We know you’ve worked hard to get here, so our program is structured to keep you engaged whilst promoting your natural talent for innovative thinking.

At Dentons you will have a front row seat to Australia’s ever-changing legal landscape. We will help you develop a keen understanding that, to be a great lawyer, your success depends on your ability to become your clients’ trusted confidant and to find innovative solutions to their complex problems.

Your clerkship will include rotations in two of your preferred practice areas. In addition, we will provide you a toolkit to enable you to become one of our future leaders.

Innovative initiatives at your disposal include:

  • Legal Laboratory: Participate in practical exercises and apply your legal skills in scenarios simulating real-life matters, such as a hypothetical deal negotiation.
  • Client secondment: Immerse yourself in the business culture of one of our highest-profile clients, and obtain a first-hand understanding of the relationship between client and law firm.
  • Elite mentoring program: Receive invaluable mentorship on legal practice, client service and career development from a senior Dentons lawyer. Your mentoring program lasts for the duration of your clerkship and for the following 12 months.

During and beyond the clerkship, we strive to support you both professionally and personally. We offer flexible work arrangements and a free employee assistance scheme for staff and their immediate families.