Summer program in Calgary

Thank you for your interest in the summer program at Dentons in Calgary.

Our program

The summer program at Dentons’ Calgary office has been an integral part of our professional development for more than 25 years. The program was designed to give you unparalleled exposure to a variety of work and facilitate your transition from student to lawyer.

As part of the summer program, students are assigned a mentor, usually a mid-level associate who remembers what it feels like to be a student. Your mentor will give you work, provide feedback and offer guidance on everything; from how to write a client letter to who to ask for assistance with our technology.

Our goal is to provide you with varied professional opportunities and proactively integrate you into our daily practice. To that end, we don’t run a formal rotation for summer students. Most of our summer students return to article with us, and in turn, stay on as associates, so we want to ensure that from the moment you walk in the door you become part of our team. This means working with many different lawyers, meeting our clients and maybe even learning to two-step at our Stampede party.


Feedback is fundamental to your summering experience. While you can expect to receive informal evaluations from the lawyers you will be working with regularly, you will also be more formally evaluated. Before you return to school in the fall, you will receive individual feedback during a formal interview. Hopefully, this feedback will aid you as you return to your studies and assist in preparing you for articles. The interview also provides you with an opportunity to share any comments or suggestions you may have to improve our summer program.

What it’s like to summer at Dentons in Calgary

What our students say:

Jessica Gill:

The summer experience at Dentons is truly a complete package. Students are given real responsibility, and interesting and challenging projects from day one. On every file, you will feel like a member of the team and have an opportunity to put your theoretical law school skills to the test in the real world. Dentons breeds an environment of collegiality; everyone is interested in each other’s success and helping you maximize your potential. Against this backdrop of great work and people, the Dentons summer program also gives you a chance to have some fun and get to know your colleagues, including during Stampede, first Thursdays and in the classic Dentons Student Bullpen.