1L Applications

As you start your career and determine where you want to go, consider the opportunity to Discover Dentons and reinvent the practice of law with us. CHALLENGERS ACCEPTED.

1L applications for our 2024 Summer Associate Program have not yet opened. Please read below about some of our 1L initiatives and check back in December for information on how to apply.

1L diversity initiatives

Leadership Counsel on Legal Diversity (LCLD) 1L Scholars Program: The LCLD 1L Scholars Program is designed to strengthen the legal pipeline by offering first year law students [with diverse backgrounds and experiences] the opportunity to gain valuable professional experiences by working side-by-side with attorneys.

Each year, in select cities, we hire LCLD 1L Scholars to join our Summer Associate Program. In addition to receiving a paid position in our Summer Associate Program, Dentons LCLD 1L Scholars attend the annual LCLD 1L Scholars retreat and participate in the LCLD’s Law School Mentor Program, in which students are paired with a LCLD Fellow who will mentor them through bar passage. In 2023, we hosted LCLD 1L Scholars in Chicago, Indianapolis, Lexington, Los Angeles, Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC.

Dentons LCLD 1L Scholars Award: Awarded to LCLD 1L Scholars in select offices. At the completion of a successful first summer, including receipt and acceptance of an offer to return to the firm for a second full summer, Dentons Scholars will receive $5,000. Scholars who return for a second summer will receive an additional $5,000 at the completion of a successful second summer, including receipt and acceptance of an offer to join the firm as an entry-level associate.