Summer program in Edmonton

Thank you for your interest in the summer program at Dentons Edmonton.

Our program

The summer program at Dentons Edmonton is designed to give law students the exposure to real work and real clients necessary to transitioning from student to practising lawyer. In addition to the rewarding experience of working in a dynamic legal environment, summering at our office increases your chances of securing an articling position with us following your graduation from law school.

We believe it is important that our summer students are part of the team from the start. Spending a summer working in the Edmonton office exposes a student to some of the province’s best lawyers and most complex legal work. From an integration perspective, summer students are part of the team and are of course invited to all Firm functions and social events. Each summer student is assigned a mentor for the summer and will also take part in our student orientation program.


Evaluations are fundamental to your summering experience. While you can expect to receive informal evaluations from the lawyers you will be working with daily, you will also be formally evaluated on your various assignments.


Before returning to school in the fall, students will receive individual feedback during a formal interview. This will provide an opportunity for you to share any comments and suggestions you might have.

What it’s like to summer at Dentons Edmonton

What our students say

Christina Basler, University of Alberta, 2021 1L Summer Law Student

Summering with Dentons provided me with the opportunity to learn about the practice of law within a dynamic environment. Even with the challenges that the pandemic posed, I was able to work in-office multiple times a week and also attend meetings and complete assignments remotely. Within the Edmonton office I had a core group of people to connect with on a day-to-day basis while also having the opportunity to meet students in other Dentons offices, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, my mentor ensured that I had a steady work flow and received diverse assignments such as completing research, drafting court documents, and participating in estate administration. Everyone helped to create an environment conducive to learning, and I look forward to returning to article in 2023.

Jordan Kardosh, University of Alberta, 2021 2L Summer Law Student

What impressed me most about Dentons was its collegial atmosphere. From day one, the talent team went above and beyond to help the students feel like part of the firm and prepare us for the legal work ahead. The lawyers were a pleasure to deal with, always friendly and willing to help—my mentor in particular was exceedingly patient and accommodating. I was also impressed by the variety of legal opportunities that Dentons offered over the course of the summer, from working with fellow students across Canada on legal tech research to assisting lawyers on complex litigation tasks. Without a doubt, summering at Dentons has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. Needless to say, I am looking forward to returning to Dentons in Edmonton as an articling student next summer.

Haya Masri, University of Alberta, 2021 1L Summer Law Student

My experience as a Dentons summer student was incredible!  From day one I was welcomed by all, and made to feel part of the firm. Asking questions and seeking opportunities to learn more about specific areas of interest was highly encouraged.  There is a strong sense of collegiality at Dentons, all of the lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants and staff were always so friendly and helpful.  My mentor really helped enhance my summer experience.  She was a source of interesting work, and she also shared her experiences, and advice about being a law student, and a lawyer. Some of the highlights of my summer include getting to shadow lawyers in client meetings, and pro bono work.  It was interesting and extremely informative to get to watch how the lawyers work, and I was also given opportunities to do work on files after I shadowed.  Those experiences allowed me to feel very engaged in the work that I was doing. Overall the summer was fantastic and I am really looking forward to returning to Dentons for articling!

Quinton McAndrews, University of Leeds, UK, 2021 Summer Law Student

My experience at the Edmonton office of Dentons was wonderful. We were given the freedom to take on tasks from any practice area, allowing us to follow our own inclinations and curiosities. Although many of those tasks were challenging, the lawyers and staff were always supportive and able to answer any questions I had. Those same staff members also made a huge effort to make me feel like a valuable and included part of the Dentons team, despite there being an ongoing pandemic. Overall, I have had a great experience at Dentons and I look forward to returning as an articling student in 2022.

Nolan Menard, University of Alberta, 2021 1L Summer Law Student

My experience as a summer student at Dentons was fantastic.  Despite limitations on working in the office due to COVID-19, Dentons ensured that the summer experience was engaging and that onboarding went smoothly. The introductory process to the firm included training sessions and virtual meetings with lawyers, office staff, paralegals and legal assistants. This was a great way to be introduced to firm members before we were made available to receive assignments.

Everyone I worked with was welcoming, responsive, and happy to answer questions and pass along their expertise. Being able to work with lawyers in various practice areas allowed me to broaden my legal knowledge through a wide range of assignments. My mentor was exceptional and was a valuable resource for information on the firm, while also providing me with interesting assignments and opportunities to sit in on matters with clients. The summer student group was collaborative and supportive which further enhanced the summer experience.

Summering at Dentons was a great way to begin my legal career and I am excited to return to the firm in 2023 to article.

Melissa Morrow, University of Alberta, 2021 1L Summer Law Student

Summering at Dentons has been the best combination of learning and experiencing. I received amazing support with respect to technical training but also in regards to mentorship. I worked with some of the best of the best in many areas of law and was able to fulfill my assignments in a professional and accomplished manner because of that. The focus of the summer was not seeing how much we could handle under tight timelines. Instead, the focus was to give us a good base on how Dentons’ systems worked, showing us where we could find information from Dentons’ vast resources and then giving us meaningful and quality assignments. In addition, I had the pleasure of working with other summer students that were picked by Dentons to form a collegial team. Finally, it was great to see and be a part of Dentons’ diversity and ESG initiatives. I’m looking forward to being part of a progressive team that puts learning, attitude, diversity and ESG first.