Summer program in Edmonton

Thank you for your interest in the summer program at Dentons Edmonton.

Our program

The summer program at Dentons Edmonton is designed to give law students the exposure to real work and real clients necessary to transitioning from student to practising lawyer. In addition to the rewarding experience of working in a dynamic legal environment, summering at our office increases your chances of securing an articling position with us following your graduation from law school.

We believe it is important that our summer students are part of the team from the start. Spending a summer working in the Edmonton office exposes a student to some of the province’s best lawyers and most complex legal work. From an integration perspective, summer students are part of the team and are of course invited to all Firm functions and social events. Each summer student is assigned a mentor for the summer and will also take part in our student orientation program.


Evaluations are fundamental to your summering experience. While you can expect to receive informal evaluations from the lawyers you will be working with daily, you will also be formally evaluated on your various assignments.


Before returning to school in the fall, students will receive individual feedback during a formal interview. This will provide an opportunity for you to share any comments and suggestions you might have.

What it’s like to summer at Dentons Edmonton

What our students say

Tyler Arnold, University of Alberta, 2023 1L Summer Law Student

My time as a summer student at Dentons was truly invaluable. I had the opportunity to delve into various aspects of law and gain insights into the inner workings of a full-service firm. I grew both personally and professionally through the broad spectrum of tasks I could undertake, including attending client meetings, drafting legal documents, and engaging in significant research.

For me, Dentons broke the intimidation of ‘big law’ by prioritizing our learning and not expecting us to know everything on the first day. Even as a summer student, the lawyers were always very willing to involve me in anything I asked to be part of and took the time to teach me about their practice. The people at Dentons are all incredibly friendly and helpful, so I never had any hesitation about asking questions.

The collaborative nature of the firm was evident not just among the lawyers but also among the paralegals, legal assistants, talent team, and my fellow summer students. Dentons truly embodies a team-based culture and works to foster relationships through various events like the EBA Golf Tournament and the Firm’s softball game.

I am genuinely excited to be joining the Dentons team and continuing to develop my career within this outstanding firm!

Markis Banek, University of Alberta, 2023 1L Summer Law Student

Joining Dentons Edmonton as a summer student was an exciting and enriching experience. From day one, I received the support needed to succeed and was welcomed into the firm with open arms. The summer began with a week of training that fostered a familiarity with the extensive resources available. After that first week, I began receiving assignments and was encouraged to pursue work in the practice areas that interested me. By the end of the summer, I had completed a wide variety of work from many different practice areas.

What impressed me the most about the firm, and what I believe to be its greatest asset, was the people. The knowledge and expertise of the lawyers at the firm was evident, but they were also accessible and committed to the summer students’ growth. It is a firm with a true open-door policy; discussing problems and asking for help was strongly encouraged. Moreover, the talent team and support staff are equally helpful and committed to your success. It is a collegial environment at every level and a wonderful place to grow. I am excited to return as an articling student in 2025!

Kim Bastow, Lakehead University, 2023 2L Summer Law Student

Summering at Dentons is an exciting and engaging experience. From the beginning, students were welcomed into the firm, and I found that everyone from partners to associates to support staff seek to support student growth. I received a range of assignments from different practice groups, providing a broad perspective to the fundamentals of practicing law. Lawyers were open to my requests to shadow their work, which allowed me to attend various court appearances, client meetings, and questionings. Assignments were interesting, complex, and challenging, often pushing me out of my comfort zone. Assigning lawyers were available to discuss a research question or drafting technique, and provided feedback on my written work, allowing me to grow my writing and analytical skills throughout the summer. There were also opportunities to network with different practice groups and students were invited to attend social events to meet and connect with people from across the firm. I am elated to return to Dentons as an Articling Student in 2024.

Lukian Kruhlak, University of Saskatchewan, 2023 1L Summer Law Student

My summer at Dentons was an incredible experience. As a student, the wide range of legal exposure you get from working with such a large firm provided an abundance of learning opportunities. All practice areas are eager to include students in their work, all while answering questions along the way. 

The student committee does a great job of building a summer cohort that work well together. Some of the highlights were our weekly lunches or trips to a nearby coffee shop, where we updated each other on our assignments and offered support and advice with one another.

I look forward to returning in 2025 as an articling student.

Amaan Suleman, University of Alberta, 2023 1L Summer Law Student

My summer student experience at Dentons was phenomenal. I worked with exceptionally talented lawyers who were all eager to offer mentorship and guidance. The firm works on a vast array of diverse files, and the opportunity to expand my legal knowledge was unparalleled. During my summer I developed strong research skills while working on interesting and exciting matters. I also had the opportunity to attend many Questionings and Court Applications, which helped me to understand what the qualities of a successful lawyer are, and how I can work to strengthen them. 

In addition to the professional development Dentons offers, the summer was also extremely fun. Everyone at the firm was welcoming and made the summer exciting through social events like slo-pitch, golfing, and meals at restaurants around the city. Another highlight of the summer was certainly the group of talented, passionate, and friendly summer students I was fortunate enough to work with.

Overall, the summer was wonderful, and I can’t wait to return to article in 2025!