Summer program in Edmonton

Thank you for your interest in the summer program at Dentons Edmonton.

Our program

The summer program at Dentons Edmonton is designed to give law students the exposure to real work and real clients necessary to transitioning from student to practising lawyer. In addition to the rewarding experience of working in a dynamic legal environment, summering at our office increases your chances of securing an articling position with us following your graduation from law school.

We believe it is important that our summer students are part of the team from the start. Spending a summer working in the Edmonton office exposes a student to some of the province’s best lawyers and most complex legal work. From an integration perspective, summer students are part of the team and are of course invited to all Firm functions and social events. Each summer student is assigned a mentor for the summer and will also take part in our student orientation program.


Evaluations are fundamental to your summering experience. While you can expect to receive informal evaluations from the lawyers you will be working with daily, you will also be formally evaluated on your various assignments.


Before returning to school in the fall, students will receive individual feedback during a formal interview. This will provide an opportunity for you to share any comments and suggestions you might have.

What it’s like to summer at Dentons Edmonton

What our students say

Gregor Allan, University of British Columbia, 2020 2L Summer Law Student

The summer was an overwhelmingly positive and enriching experience despite the inevitable impacts of a global pandemic. I was welcomed into a large firm that felt like a tight-knit team and was given the opportunity to do challenging and interesting work for impactful mentors who I learned from every day. The lawyers, talent team, paralegals, legal assistants and office staff were all welcoming, friendly, and invested in the future success of each summer student. I am thrilled to return for articling in 2021 so I can continue to learn and grow as part of the Dentons Edmonton team.

Adam Blaibel, University of Alberta, 2020 1L Summer Law Student

I had a phenomenal experience at Dentons this summer. From the onset of the summer program, Dentons provided us with all of the resources we would need to become as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible. Working at any law firm during this pandemic was likely going to be quite unordinary, however Dentons was prepared for our arrival and made our summering experience seamless. While working at the firm, I was exposed to a variety of practice areas which taught me a vast amount of information in just a short time. Not only were my assignments very interesting and informative, but the lawyers and staff at Dentons were all extremely kind, patient and welcoming. We were encouraged to reach out for assignments and to ask as many questions as necessary. I could not have asked for a better summer experience and I am overjoyed to be returning to the firm to article in the future!

Tamya Chowdhury, University of Alberta, 2020 2L Summer Law Student

Being a summer law student in the midst of a global pandemic, I was not sure what to expect. However, Dentons really went above and beyond to provide the summer students with an immersive and involved summer experience. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and receptive to questions. There were lots of opportunities to sit in on virtual meetings and attend webinars that enriched the summer experience. I even had the opportunity to meet students in Ontario and Quebec over Zoom and share our experiences. I received a wide variety of work that allowed me to see what the everyday practice of law is like, especially in the current environment as more things go virtual. I sincerely look forward to returning in 2022!

Jake Leveille, University of Alberta, 2020 1L Summer Law Student

I had an incredible experience summering at Dentons! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the bulk of the summer program was completed remotely, but Dentons went above and beyond to make the summer a great experience! We began with a very thorough training process, after which we started completing assignments for lawyers in many different practice areas where we were encouraged to seek out work that interested us.
With that being said, the biggest standout by far was the people. Everyone at Dentons was extremely welcoming and approachable, making sure I got all the support I needed and answer any questions that came up along the way. We routinely had calls via Zoom with the other students and lawyers, making remote work still feel like a team atmosphere.
Overall, I had an incredible experience and I would highly recommend summering at Dentons to any law students looking to begin their legal career. I am beyond excited to return upon graduation to complete my articles!

Aliya Virji, University of Alberta, 2020 1L Summer Law Student

My summer experience at Dentons was amazing! Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dentons team went above and beyond to provide me with valuable insight and experience into how a global law firm works. I was welcomed to the office (both virtually and in-person) by partners, associates, paralegals and legal assistants who were supportive and happy to answer any and all of my questions. My mentor was an amazing resource, as he not only provided me with opportunities for work, but also gave me practical advice based on his own experience. The lawyers with whom I worked allowed me to participate in complex and unusual projects, shadow them in numerous client meetings, and provided me with constructive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer experience, and look forward to returning to Dentons for articling!