Our summer program

Deciding where to start your career is a big decision. Balance real work with training and networking to see what your career at Dentons could look like. Our eight-week Summer Associate Program will give you, and us, an insight into whether we’re a good match.

“What I loved the most about my experience was how much the firm showed that it was committed to creating a comfortable, diverse environment.”

– Vanessa Madrigal, 2020 Chicago Summer Associate


We fully immerse our Summer Associates in the Firm to provide a realistic picture of what being a Dentons lawyer is like. 

Our smaller, focused class size allows for a more personalized, tailored experience. In most cases, you will be assigned to a specific practice group based on your interests. You will work side-by-side with our attorneys and get involved with actual client matters. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to observe or participate in wide arrange of assignments such as legal research, document drafting, closings, client conferences and much more. Summer Associates are also encouraged to, and frequently do, participate in a wide range of pro bono matters. 

“The Summer Associate Program highlighted Dentons’ dedication to seamless connectivity between national and international offices. For instance, I was excited to learn about Dentons workflow portal that allows associates to seek out projects from any of Dentons’ offices.”

– Alyssa Landow, 2020 New York Summer Associate

Training & development

We’ve designed our summer program to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. In addition to a robust orientation, we offer practical and substantive training in areas such as legal writing, ethics and oral communication. You’ll also have access to our full slate of practice group and business skills training sessions. As a Summer Associate, you will receive formal reviews twice over the course of the program and regular constructive feedback directly from the lawyers with whom you work. Summer Associates are paired with mentors who provide guidance and advice throughout the summer. 

“From the beginning of the recruiting process though the duration of the Summer Associate Program, members of the Dentons community went above and beyond to help me understand the firm, acclimate to my assigned practice group, develop as a professional, and socialize with my future colleagues.”

– Nicole Bieganski, 2020 Chicago Summer Associate


It’s never too early to start growing your network. During our Summer Associate Program, you’ll make contacts that could be key to building your career. You’ll meet a variety of lawyers through formal networking sessions and social events. Through these outings, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the Firm and our lawyers better, in addition to having a lot of fun.

“Although COVID-19 threw a curveball at the Summer Associate Program, Dentons did an amazing job organizing an informative and engaging virtual program! I had a great experience getting to know lots of lawyers at the Firm and becoming familiar with all of the practice groups”

– Priya Desai, 2020 Pittsburgh Summer Associate

“As a Summer Associate in their first-ever virtual Summer Program, I experienced firsthand how Dentons can leverage its global position to offer innovative solutions. The Summer Associate Program offered invaluable training and seminars, all online, and connected me with Dentons attorneys worldwide.”

– Sarah Pennington, 2020 Louisville Summer Associate

What we’re looking for

There is no typical candidate for our Summer Associate Program. We look for bright, innovative and hard-working people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We want to see a strong record of academic success and extracurricular achievement. It’s equally important that our Summer Associates can work well in a team and have the drive and willingness to take on significant responsibilities

“The Summer Associate Program provides a great insight into the welcoming and collegiate atmosphere at Dentons. From day one, it was clear the Firm wanted us to feel like part of the team.”

– Kyle Kelly, 2020 Pittsburgh Summer Associate

“My experience at Dentons has been exceptional. I have worked with tremendous attorneys and I have been impressed with the leadership team’s commitment to its team members and its efforts to create an engaging work environment.”

– Neda Semsarieh, 2020 Indianapolis Summer Associate and Diversity Scholar