Summer in Shanghai

Program Overview

Our Summer Intern Program is designed to provide you with broad exposure to the Firm, its people and our practice areas.  Over the course of the summer, you will have the opportunity to work on a number of projects for different attorneys.  Through this experience you will get a realistic look at what it is like to practice law on a day-to-day basis.  You will also be able to attend “spectator assignments” where you will have the opportunity to observe and assist in negotiation, client meetings, closings and other client-related activities.

Work Assignments

Our work assignment system is designed to give you exposure to the sophisticated legal work we perform for our clients.  Subject to the availability of suitable projects, you will receive work assignments from all of the departments of the Firm, with an emphasis on particular areas in which you have expressed an interest.  The work assignment system will be managed and monitored by the Summer Intern Program Committee.

Spectator Assignments

A portion of your time may be spent on spectator assignments, including attendance at negotiations, closings and client conferences.  Whenever possible, the spectator assignments will be integrated with a research and writing assignment.  The Summer Intern Program Committee will assign spectator assignments as they become available.  If you hear of a particular matter you would like to observe, please notify the Summer Intern Program Committee in advance so they can arrange for your attendance.


Dentons provides extensive training to legal professionals at all levels of the Firm.  We recognize that training is a critical component in every legal professional’s professional development.  The common goal of all our training is to provide our legal professionals with the substantive knowledge, skills, and resources they need to achieve legal excellence.

As a part of our summer program, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of training programs.  Each office develops a training schedule that may include programs for summer interns as well as office-specific, department-specific, and firmwide programs.

Social Events

Various social events have been planned in order to introduce you to your legal professionals.  You will also be invited by individual legal professionals to participate in other social functions during the summer.  Social events are one of the best ways to meet and become better acquainted with the legal professionals in the Shanghai office.